Open Water Swimming

Swim in the beautiful lagoon

Open Water Swim sessions are available on a pre-book only basis (no pay on the day available) and currently members only due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is a great chance to get back in the water with the support and guidance of our experienced safety crew.

To allow for social distancing and to create an opportunity for all our members to swim currently session will last 90 minutes which includes 15 minutes entry & exit times and a 60-minute maximum swim time.

Please note that the Blue Lagoon is private property and access will only be permitted to people with a booking.

Please check out the calendar below for session availability. More sessions will be released based on capacity and crew availability. 

Session Costs:

Members £4 (or buy 20 session credits for £70)

Non Members £10


This session is held at the Blue Lagoon, Northfield Lane, Womersley, DN6 9BB. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have implemented strict social distancing rules to ensure we remain compliant with the government guidelines. Please note the following and further instruction will be emailed upon booking (please ensure your email settings are turned to ON)

  • Pre-booking online only. No booking, no entry! (no on the day or cash payments).
  • Blue Lagooners Members only until further notice.
  • No spectators (except one parent/guardian may attend with a junior swimmer).
  • Photo ID will be required.
  • Swimmers must arrive for the allotted swim start time.
  • Social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times.
  • Wetsuits compulsory if the water temp is below 18°C, Non wetsuit swimmers must have an approved Tow Float. 


Currently only Blue Lagooners Members can book. 

Blue Lagooners Members can login to their account and select the session they wish to attend. 

Please note each swimmer must have their own individual account on the system to allow them to be booked in for a swim. Accounts can be linked to share swim credits (share pricing options). 

**Polite Notice** Please be aware that Dogs or other pets are not allowed onsite at anytime. Guide & Assistance Dogs are welcome but please drop us a message to advise us. 

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How to check-in & where to go.  

In this video we give you a guided tour of the Blue Lagoon and show you where to go when you arrive. We'll show you where to check in to get your swim wristband, where to get changed and what to do once you've completed your swim. 

Most importantly we'll show you where the cafe is for that post swim brew and bacon sarnie! 

Our Swim Course & how it works

At the Blue Lagoon we have a superb swim course that caters for everyone. in this video we show you the layout and how you can get the most out of your session. 

This video also includes rules of the swim such as swim direction and etiquette to ensure everyone stays safe and has a fun swim. 

Swim Safety & What to do if you need help. 

In this video we show you how our swim safety works and what you need to do should you need any assistance during your swim. This includes everything from just a little support from one of our paddlers to help you with a minor problem such as leaky goggles or a wetsuit malfunction, right though to what you need to do if you need recovering from the water by our rescue craft. It also covers what you need to be aware of if we are recovering another swimmer during your swim. 

Please remember our crew are there to support you and please don't be afraid to ask for assistance. There's no shame in getting a lift back to shore if you need it. We'd rather this than you struggle. 

Wetsuit Safety - Buoyancy Demo

In this video Coach Morg demonstrates the importance of having a wetsuit that will keep you buoyant should you get in to difficulty whilst swimming. 

Serious incidents are very rare but even a mild bit of cramping can send the most experienced open water swimmer in to a panic and need assistance.  

Wetsuits are mandatory at all times. The Blue Lagooners Management reserve the right to request to test the suitability of a swimmers wetsuit for buoyancy, warmth & suitability for swimming and reserve the right to refuse access to the water if a swimmers wetsuit is deemed unsuitable and/or unsafe for swimming. 


Lake Temp


Last Update 04/07/2020

Minimum Temp for Swimming is 11ºC*

*In the spring we wait until the water is holding at least 14ºC overnight to ensure it remains above the minimum temperature for swimming. 

Wetsuits are mandatory when the water temperature is below 18ºc. Above 18ºc wetsuits are optional but non wetsuit swimmers must used an approved Tow Float. The Blue Lagooners Management reserve the right to request to test the suitability of a swimmers wetsuit or tow float for buoyancy & suitability for swimming and reserve the right to refuse access to the water if a swimmers wetsuit or tow float is deemed unsuitable and/or unsafe for swimming. Please check out our info videos on our open water swimming page that explain why this is so important. 

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